101 Reasons to Change Your Vacation Rental Software

1. Poor customer service
2. No integrated website
3. No online booking
4. No option to vet bookings
5. Hard-to-learn accounting program
6. No QuickBooks integration
7. No way to compare properties in the shopping process
8. System requirements include PhD
9. No partnership
10. Paying per property
11. Paying per owner portal
12. Paying extra for customer support
13. Paying for extra users
14. Online bookings without payment processing (what’s the point?)
15. No CRM system
16. Doesn't automatically respond to leads and inquiries
17. No review/survey system
18. No mobile websites
19. No automated emails
20. No control over automated emails (cookie cutters are only good at Christmas)
21. No content management system
22. No work order system
23. Doesn't work on an iPad
24. Doesn't work on a Mac
25. Hates Kittens
26. Isn't cloud-based
27. Can’t access it outside the office
28. Makes you manage servers
29. Makes you maintain office networks
30. Makes you install updates
31. No bulk processing of owner statements
32. No toy included
33. Can’t embed Google Maps
34. Small pictures
35. Leaves your domain to complete booking
36. Constantly down for maintenance
37. Not hosted in Five 9s-rated data center (that means up 99.99999% of the time)
38. Included toy was broken
39. Having to pay a web designer to make changes to your website (…and waiting)
40. No coupon codes
41. No specials
42. Doesn't fold your clothes
43. No online help / FAQ System
44. Provider supports RBOs (rentals by owner)
45. Provider has bad reputation (…or no reputation)
46. Made in China
47. Long implementation times
48. Hidden costs
49. Suspiciously low costs (Remember, you get what you pay for)
50. Slow development
51. Instruction manual written by high school intern (1.8 GPA – Hey, it’s passing)
52. Software developed in 1980s
53. Software developed for Windows 95
54. Software programming outsourced
55. Support outsourced
56. No support of vacation rental industry
57. Included dancing baby screen saver gave your computer a virus
58. No owner login capability
59. No automated work orders
60. No operations accounting
61. No advanced search options on website
62. No 301-redirect on your website
63. No travel insurance integration
64. Payment gateway isn't PCI compliant
65. No ability to vet guests
66. No key-less lock integration
67. Features that just don’t work
68. No ability to sell additional options at check out
69. Not a member of VRMA (Vacation Rental Managers Association)
70. Doesn't support multiple owners
71. No option to automatically cancel holds
72. No support for multiple websites
73. Crashes your game of mine sweeper
74. Provider loses more customers a year than it gains
75. Accounting not certified in North Carolina
76. Forces you to fill the gaps with third-party vendors (and sign multiple contracts)
77. Isn't all-in-one
78. No location-based taxes
79. No support for additional fees
80. No ongoing development
81. Poor gas mileage
82. Not user friendly
83. Integrated website circa 1999
84. No Google Analytics Integration
85. Doesn't work on all browsers
86. Doesn't make your coffee in the morning
87. Provider has no clients (or not very many)
88. Can’t embed videos on integrated website
89. No cool partner contests
90. Poor training
91. No social media integration
92. Runs slow
93. Software no longer supported
94. Accounting program doesn’t balance
95. Annoying sales person
96. Limited reporting
97. No results
98. Makes you want to beat it with a hammer
99. Poor website SEO
100. All your employees hate it!
101. It’s not LiveRez.

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