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Vetting Guests Vetting guests is a big part of ensuring the safety of your properties and preventing problems with your neighbors. LiveRez helps managers by giving them the tools to vet guests, without adding unneeded extra work.

Two big parts of running a vacation rental business is ensuring the safety of your properties for their owners and promoting a good neighbor policy. To do this, you sometimes need to carefully vet the guests staying at your properties.

Using LiveRez, we give you two great tools for accomplishing this through your software: a way to set a guest status (for return guests) and the ability to implement a pending booking process. Let’s talk about each individually.

Guest Status

The easiest way to prevent problems with your vacation rental property is to keep problem guests from renting your properties a second time. If the first time around the guest was too rowdy, trashed the house or both, you certainly don’t want him or her to come back.

Within its guest profile section, LiveRez has a drop-down menu called “Guest Status.”  Here you can choose from three options to rate the guest:

  • In Good Standing
  • Warning
  • Disallow

By setting a status in this section, any member of your team making a repeat reservation for this guest will see the guest’s status and be able to make an appropriate decision about how to handle the guest.

Pending Booking Process

Normally, when someone makes an online booking with LiveRez, the transaction happens in real time. The reservation is confirmed, dates are blocked off your calendar, and payments are processed in real time. But, some managers don’t want to take bookings in real time because they need to vet guests. In that case, we offer a pending booking process.

With the pending booking process, a guest can book online around the clock. But, instead of taking out a payment, the payment processor will just create a token for the card and hold the payment as pending, until you have had a chance to call the guest and vet him or her. As part of the process, our CRM system will automate a message to the guest, letting him or her know that their booking is pending and that a member of your staff with be in contact. Once you have spoken to the guest, you can either decline the reservation or you can take a payment with the card on file (or through one of our other payment methods).

The major advantage of this process is that it allows you to take bookings around the clock (even when your office is closed) and maintain the ability to vet your guests, without having to issue a refund.

These are just a few examples of how LiveRez can provide solutions to simplify your business processes. If you’ve got a particular business challenge that you think better software can solve, give us a call today at (800) 343-2891. We love being able to help managers!

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