Kicking Off 10 Epic Acts!

10 Epic Acts

At Partner Conference this last October, we announced a project for 2019 that we’re absolutely ecstatic about. We decided for our 10 year anniversary, we would give back to the world with 10 Epic Acts of good. To do so, you helped us choose 10 different nonprofits to partner with, and over the past few months we’ve started to map out some amazing projects that we want to bring you in on this year.

Each month, (starting this month with PROJECT:feed!) we’ll be featuring a different nonprofit and providing you with the tools you need to get involved. Some months our projects will involve larger calls-to-action and some will smaller acts of kindness.

Over the years we’ve heard incredible stories of goodwill and service between partners. Whether it’s donating stays or driving supplies hours to reach partners affected by natural disasters, we know that for many of you, hospitality doesn’t begin and end with guests. It transfers into your lives and communities in the most beautiful way.

With a family like this, we know 10 Epic Acts with be an epic success.

Keep an eye on your LiveRez Communication Dashboard and our social media pages for details (links below).

And don’t forget, if you have any cool stories or updates to share with us throughout your philanthropy journey, share it with us at

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