Meet Bradie from LiveRez Partner Success!

Something we’ve learned from our Partner Conferences is how much you’ve all loved getting to know the people who help you break down the tough problems. Whether it’s a quick support question or learning best practices with the Partner Success team, those personal relationships make working together like working with a friend. In our new "Meet LiveRez" blog series, we're pulling back the curtain to introduce you to the people behind the LiveRez magic.

The newest member of Team LiveRez has been in the industry for years on the property-management side of things. She's now putting those skills to use helping our partners to better use LiveRez to grow their business! Read on to learn more about our Partner Success Account Manager, Bradie!

bradie_liverezWhat is your position at LiveRez?

I am an account manager in Partner Success where my role is to serve partners by helping them integrate their teams into using the software more effectively. In learning about a partner's operation, I can make recommendations from my own experience as well as industry best practices on how they could aggregate their procedures into LiveRez.

What do you think your strengths are when it comes to helping partners grow and improve?

I thrive on solving problems and I find great satisfaction in digging into the tough ones that seem road blocked beyond progress. I think this quality makes me ideally suited to help partners look at their current pain points and see how their software can help alleviate them.

Tell me about your history in the industry! How did you get started? Where were you before LiveRez?

I grew up in a family business which meant summers were filled with projects in my dad's company. One of those projects was to help design, furnish and establish a 10-room inn that my dad had purchased. After I graduated college, I managed it onsite until we hired a property management company. This experience made an easy transition to Bluewater Vacation Homes in San Diego where I was hired onto a team of 4 where titles didn't exist and everyone did everything. As we grew, I dug into LiveRez to see how our team could be using it more effectively. During my almost six years with Bluewater, I helped aggregate our operations into LiveRez in order to simplify the chaos that can be property management.

What are your favorite things about the industry? What keeps you here?

In the U.S., for a lot of the country, vacation rentals are a new concept when it comes to travel. The potential for what our industry could become makes this a captivating time to be able to contribute to the development we're experiencing. I think software is at the cusp of that kinetic energy in that we can shape how it serves our businesses and connects traveler to owner to manager. For those who have read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, I believe this puts us at the intersection of bringing a level of quality to our technology that we haven't seen before.

Favorite experience you've had in the industry?

Last year, Bluewater had the opportunity to host Matt Landau on his show, A Sense of Place. Curating Matt's time gave me new eyes for San Diego and the overlooked opportunities as a host receiving travelers every day of the year. This was a glimpse into the experience that property managers have the opportunity to provide and gave me a vision for the future of what our industry could become.

Favorite hobbies?

I was a literature major so those close to me know my favorite gift is a good book recommendation. I just moved back to Colorado so currently, I am getting back into snowboarding and my parents are teaching me to cross-country ski. We have also started adventure biking and we just did two weeks in Baja last spring. Next on my list to try is kickboxing.

Favorite music genre?

My Spotify playlists run the gamut from Taylor Swift to Fleetwood Mac and Merle Haggard; I am hard pressed not to like a genre of music.


We’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds with Bradie on our team! Her industry expertise and adventurous, exciting energy makes her a great addition to the LiveRez family.



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