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Don’t Think Facebook Is Important? Wait ‘Til You See Graph Search

With the company’s most recent update, Facebook is now positioning itself to be a major factor in the way people search for things on the Internet. Now, Facebook is allowing users to search their social graph – that is, all the data they have access to on Facebook through their network of connections.

Even in its infancy, graph search is very impressive. Here are a few examples of things that you can bring up with graph search.

  • Search all likes, comments, check-ins, etc.
  • Search by multiple formats like images, videos, pages, location and people
  • Search by time periods (ex: before 2009)
  • Combine all of these in search strings (with instant suggestions). Here are some examples:
    • Restaurants in Boise, Idaho my friends like
    • Photos of my wife before 2011
    • TV shows liked by my friends who went to Oregon State University
    • Vacation home rentals liked by my friends

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