Vacation Rental Technology Leaders LiveRez and PointCentral Introduce the Next Big Innovation in the Management of Vacation Rentals

The partnership will bring cellular-powered smart home control to the vacation rental industry’s most-used cloud-based software platform

PointCentral Keyless Entry

PointCentral provides managers with cellular-powered smart home control, which covers keyless entry, energy management and self-monitored security.

EAGLE,, the leader in cloud-based software for professional vacation rental managers, has partnered with PointCentral to optimize and simplify the management of vacation rentals through the introduction of cellular-powered smart home control.

Just as LiveRez revolutionized the industry by bringing bookings online, this integration brings the property online, offering unprecedented levels of control and efficiency to the more than 800 property management companies using the LiveRez software.

The PointCentral technology will enable these managers to lock and unlock doors, control house and pool temperature, monitor security and much more – directly from their LiveRez software. The technology also will empower these managers to track the execution of their vacation rental operations in real time.

“Without a doubt, smart home control is the next big innovation in the vacation rental industry,” said LiveRez Founder and CEO Tracy Lotz, a 20-year veteran of the vacation rental industry. “Our partnership with PointCentral will position our partners at the forefront of this new revolution and give them a significant competitive advantage in their respective markets.”

The partnership makes LiveRez the first and only vacation rental software provider to integrate this level of smart home control directly into their system. PointCentral will continue to offer a reservation system interface for those organizations not using LiveRez, but its high-level vacation rental software integration will remain exclusive to LiveRez.

Cindy Murdoch of Seabrook Cottage Rentals was an early adopter of the PointCentral integration. She said the PointCentral technology is expected to have a significant impact on their bottom line.

“This integration will completely streamline our operations,” Murdoch said. “With LiveRez and PointCentral, I will know – to the second – when one of my houses is being cleaned or inspected and when my guests check in or check out. I could be on vacation a thousand miles away and unlock the front door for a guest. This technology is a real game changer.”

The enhanced real-time control and awareness offered by the PointCentral integration has the ability to fundamentally transform the way professional managers do business. Management companies adopting the PointCentral technology will reap a number of benefits that should directly affect their bottom line:

  • Dramatically improve operational efficiency
  • Significantly reduce travel expenses and energy costs
  • Enhance home security and reduce liabilities
  • Expand business intelligence and real-time awareness
  • Allow for faster growth and increased scalability
  • And, fundamentally improve the guest experience

Steve Trover – who plays a dual role as Chief Strategy Officer for LiveRez and CEO of All Star Vacation Homes – was an early proponent of the integration, being one of PointCentral’s first customers.

Trover, who manages more than 300 luxury homes across three states, said that the PointCentral technology has had a huge impact on his operations.

“This technology will completely change the vacation rental industry,” said Trover, a past president of the Vacation Rental Managers Association. “From the moment I first saw this technology, I knew we needed to integrate it into the LiveRez software.”

In the past 20 years, more and more of the vacation rental industry has been moved online. Lotz and Trover have been behind a number of these disruptive advances, from pioneering the online advertising of vacation rentals to empowering managers to take online bookings to putting their management software on the cloud.

PointCentral and its President Greg Burge have pioneered the industry’s only cellular-powered smart home control system.

Together, these companies are taking yet another aspect of the industry online.

Lotz said the fact that PointCentral is cellular powered made a big impact on his decision to integrate, as cellular connectivity ensures a level of reliability not provided by broadband / Wi-Fi offerings.

“There were other solutions in the marketplace, but none of them offered our partners a proven and reliable connection to the home,” Lotz said. “PointCentral’s cellular technology and unique offering led to our exclusive relationship.”

Burge, a pioneer in commercial home security and automation, is confident that introducing the PointCentral technology to LiveRez’s vast network of managers will speed the industry’s adoption of smart home control.

“In the vacation rental industry, mechanical keys will soon go the way of the horse and buggy,” Burge said. “Five years from now, vacation rental managers will look back and ask themselves: ‘Did we really do business that way?’”

To learn more about LiveRez’s integration with PointCentral, visit

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About PointCentral

PointCentral is the vacation rental industry’s leading provider of cellular-powered smart home control solutions. The PointCentral technology takes vacation homes online by offering professional vacation rental managers unprecedented levels of control and tracking for door locks, energy management, pool and hot tub temperatures, home security and more. PointCentral and its parent company have 1.8 million cellular property gateways installed in homes across the US and Canada and have processed more than 8 billion transactions.

To learn more about PointCentral, call (877) 207-2891 or visit

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