Partner Profiles

Pointe West Properties: A Story of Perseverance and Success

What they say about LiveRez

“LiveRez was the biggest investment that we made when we started the company. I had lost my job. It had been a couple months, and we were on unemployment. Booking software was our biggest investment, and I knew it had to be good. And, LiveRez totally came through on what they said they’d do.”


No one should underestimate the strength and perseverance of Lyndsey Garza of Pointe West Properties.

In early 2012, Lyndsey and her husband, Marco, saw an opportunity for a new business, and bet big on starting a vacation rental company. At the time, both were unemployed, after their employer went bankrupt. So, failure was simply not an option.

Very soon, though, their investment paid off, as the business leapt out to an amazing start. In just six months, they grew from 8 properties to more than 30. And, they were starting to make a name for themselves in Galveston’s competitive vacation rental industry.

But in November 2012, the unthinkable happened. Lyndsey lost her husband and business partner to a tragic car accident. Read More!


Beach Properties of Hilton Head: A Case Study in the Power of Amazing Customer Service

What they say about LiveRez

“So many times you can purchase a software program, and you get what you get – and that’s it. With LiveRez, they are constantly adding new features and improving existing ones.”


What does it take to become of one of the best vacation rental management companies in the United States?

Hard Work. Dedication. And an unwavering commitment to excellent customer service.

That’s the approach Beach Properties of Hilton Head took. And the results are undeniable.

  • Since its founding in 1995, Beach Properties has grown to manage more than 300 properties on the beautiful island of Hilton Head in South Carolina.
  • Their website receives more than 800,000 visitors a year.
  • Last year they were named Small Business of the Year by the Hilton Head – Bluffton Chamber of Commerce.
  • And, just yesterday it was announced that have been voted the No. 1 vacation rental company on Hilton Head for the fourth straight year.

But, perhaps the biggest indication of their success are the guests that come back year after year and the vacation home owners that have entrusted their homes to Beach Properties for years. Read More!


Sandpoint’s Northridge Vacation Rentals: A special place for a special company

What they say about LiveRez

“LiveRez was amazing at helping us get started from the beginning – not just with our website and reservation system, but with our whole business. They helped us with tips on best practices, and just went above and beyond anything I ever expected.”


The town of Sandpoint in Northern Idaho is a special place. If you don’t believe that, check out its impressive resume.

  • Named “most beautiful small town in American” by USA Today and Rand McNally
  • Named “best adventure town” by National Geographic
  • Named one of Travel & Leisure magazine’s “prettiest winter towns”
  • Named “Best Old House Neighborhood” by This Old House
  • Named No. 1 SkiTown in the US by Rand McNally
  • Local ski resort SchweitzerMountain named “Best-Kept Secret” by Ski Magazine
  • The list goes on…

With a small population of around 8,000 people, Sandpoint is somewhat of a throwback to a simpler time.

That’s what makes it such a perfect fit for Jeremy Brown and Northridge Vacation Rentals. Like the town it manages properties in, Northridge Vacation Rentals is not huge, but growing. It’s inherit value is not in the quantity of homes it manages, but in the care it puts into each one and the level of service it offers every guest. Read More!


RS Vacations: Big Bear Vacation Rentals That Are “Just Right”

What they say about LiveRez

“We’ve been very happy with our relationship with LiveRez.”


In the famous fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears, a little blond girl stumbles upon a cabin in the woods, where she eventually finds a host of amenities that are “just right” for her tastes.

While this cabin does not exist in real life, there’s a town nestled in the wooded mountains of Southern California that will make you believe in the idea that everything can be “just right.”

It just so happens this place is called Big Bear.

And, if you’re looking to rent a luxury Big Bear cabin that’s “just right,” look no further than RS Vacations. Read More!


Mountain Top Cabin Rentals: Combining Luxury Cabins and Excellent Service

What they say about LiveRez

“My favorite thing about LiveRez isn’t even the online booking; it’s the reservation process period. You just hit submit and it’s done. It sends out the e-mails for you. It just saves a lot of office work.”


Luxury cabins and excellent customer service.

It’s been a winning combination for Mountain Top Cabin Rentals.

The company manages more than 60 luxury cabins in North Georgia (specifically the Blue Ridge area) – an absolute wonderland for outdoor activities. Read More!


Red River Real Estate: Sharing “New Mexico’s Best Kept Secret”

What they say about LiveRez

“LiveRez has worked with me, met my every expectation in everything that I’ve ever asked for, and now that SEO/SEM Manager Sam Martin has been helping me, it’s been amazing. I’m happy. I’m very, very happy.”


Red River is not what you would expect when you think of New Mexico.

There’s no desert, no high plains. Instead, you’ll find alpine forests, beautiful mountain ranges, and snow – lots of snow – in the winter.

According to Vicki Swigart of Red River Real Estate, Red River is known as “New Mexico’s best kept secret.” Read More!


Miss Kitty’s Fishing Getaways: A Unique Name and a Unique Business Model

What they say about LiveRez

“Since I’ve signed up with LiveRez, my sales have more than doubled and the number of properties I manage has more than doubled. We’ve just seen incredible growth, and I do think a lot of that has to do with our partnership with LiveRez.”


It all started with one vacation rental property on the outskirts of town and the cat that called it home.

From these humble beginnings, Miss Kitty’s Fishing Getaways has blossomed into a major vacation rental management company, which now manages more than 80 properties on and around the fishing-centric waters of Rockport, Texas. Read More!


Beach Pros Realty: Making Exceeding Expectations a Habit

What they say about LiveRez

“We’ve become a leaner, meaner machine in being about to book reservations. And that’s where the money is.”


People have been telling Gail Bucker, Broker/Owner of Beach Pros Realty in Virginia Beach, that success could not be achieved her entire life. And, she’s made a habit out of proving them wrong.

And with a little help from her vacation rental software provider, she’s doing it again. Read More!


Gondola Resorts Hatches New Strategy for Even More Incredible Growth

What they say about LiveRez

“We have all of our properties on one website, which is But, with LiveRez as partners, we’re breaking out each individual resort destination with its own destination strategy including its very own website.”


Gondola Resorts has seen impressive growth over its first three years of being in business.

The company has grown to carry an inventory of more than 850 vacation rental properties.

And, according to Founder and General Manager Gino Malara, the company hasn’t seen its biggest rate of growth yet.

You see, Malara is in the process of implementing an interesting new strategy: he’s going small in an effort to get bigger. Read More!


Crystal Water Villas: A Model of Efficiency (and Success)

What they say about LiveRez

“Through social media and utilizing LiveRez’s SEO/SEM program, I’ve been able to eliminate the cost of advertising on sites like HomeAway and FlipKey and have not jeopardized in any way the number of reservations that have come through this year.”


Efficiency is Sherry Shippee’s best friend.

It’s allowed her to manage more than 30 lakefront vacation homes on Lake of the Ozarks all by herself. And her business, Crystal Water Villas, continues to grow 15 to 20 percent a year.

Her business is doing so well, in fact, that she recently was able to quit advertising on sites like HomeAway and FlipKey.

Wait. She manages more than 30 properties all by herself? Grows 15 to 20 percent a year? And doesn’t rely on HomeAway for her business? How does she do it? Read More!


How Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals Uses its Vacation Rental Software to Boost its Business

What they say about LiveRez

“We’ve seen double-figure growth every year since we partnered with LiveRez.”


C.J. Stam of Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals may not be a mechanic by trade, but he’s good with tools – particularly his vacation rental software.

His creative use of the LiveRez platform has allowed his business to innovate a number of successful business practices that help keep Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals on the cutting edge. Read More!


Cascade Vacation Rentals: Embracing Technology

What they say about LiveRez

“If we’re at home or if we’re at the office or if we’re out visiting a site, being able to get the most up-to-date information at the time we need it is very important to us.”


Steve Surbaugh and Cascade Vacation Rentals are always on the move – both literally and figuratively.

The business manages more than 80 properties spread out over more than 100 miles off the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota – which means the company is constantly on the move visiting properties.

You may ask, “How is the business able to manage that many properties spread that far out?” Read More!


Meet “Puako Pattie”: Your Guide to a Luxury Vacation on Hawaii’s Big Island

What they say about LiveRez

 “Because of LiveRez, I’m able to run my business on my own. I can run everything from wherever I am.”


On Hawaii’s Big Island, they call her “Puako Pattie.”

It’s a nick name she’s earned in her more than 30 years of experience in Hawaii’s real estate industry. A master in professional networking two decades before LinkedIn hit the web, Pattie Freeman, the owner and operator of Hawaii Vacation Rentals, can’t seem to go anywhere on the Big Island without running into someone she knows.

It’s these connections that make her so valuable to the many guests of the luxury vacation homes she manages. Read More!


My Mountain Cabin Rentals: Customer Service the Old-Fashioned Way

What they say about LiveRez

“I attribute LiveRez to me being able to keep my doors open. And, more than just looking at green shoots of hope, we’re actually seeing success here.”


It’s a place where deer roam through back yards, where contracts are still based on hand shakes and where people are genuinely friendly and nice –  not because they want to sell you something, but because that’s who they are.

It’s a mountain-top community of about 1,500 acres, lined with cabins boasting amazing views and modern conveniences.

It’s only 90 minutes from Atlanta, GA, but resides in a completely different world, tucked away from the daily grind of every-day life.

It’s called My Mountain. Read More!


Sun Palace Vacations: Turning Early Adversity into Long-Term Success

What they say about LiveRez

“Choosing LiveRez was huge to our success.”


When Ron Hemstreet and Judith Lee-Hemstreet decided to move from Toronto, Canada to Fort Myers Beach, FL in early 2004, the idea was to leave the stress of their high-profile jobs producing live events and move into the less-stressful gig of managing vacation rentals.

That was the idea, at least. Then, the hurricanes came.

First Charley. Then Frances. Then Jeanne. Then Wilma the following year.

“Imagine moving here and then 10 days later you get evacuated,” Judith said. “And, three of your four properties are damaged, and they won’t let you back on the island.”

But, what started out as a rocky endeavor has now blossomed into a very successful business. Read More!


Barefeet Rentals: Vacation Rentals “In, On or Around the Water” in Key Largo

What they say about LiveRez

“For New Year’s week we booked out in October – the earliest I’ve ever done that, and I’ve been in this business, in this area for 22 years. I really attribute that to LiveRez.”


If you’re looking for a vacation focused on warm weather and water, look no further than Key Largo.

And if you’re looking for a vacation rental in Key Largo, look no further than Barefeet Rentals.

You see, Annie Mathews and her staff at Barefeet Rentals specializes in anything “in, on or around the water.” And, when it comes to staying on a beautiful Island off the southern tip of Florida, who wouldn’t want to be close to the water? Read More!


Find out How Much Time Jenner Vacation Rentals Saved Switching Exclusively to Online Bookings

What they say about LiveRez

“LiveRez has made the whole booking process extremely easy and extremely friendly. Because of that, we only take bookings online.”


When you visit Jenner Vacation Rentals, you’re not just taking a trip to California’s beautiful Sonoma Coast; you’re visiting the future.

The company has taken some bold steps to move its company forward, and they’re doing things that many other vacation rental managers just don’t do…yet. Read More!


Pyramid Peak Properties: How This Vacation Rental Manager Grew 10 Fold in One Year

What they say about LiveRez

“LiveRez has helped me grow from 6 properties to 57 properties in just one year. And, we keep growing every day!”


Just one year ago, Joan Pilar was managing six properties. Now her vacation rental management company, Pyramid Peak Properties, is up to 57 and growing every day.

A 10-fold growth in just one year? That might sound like something straight out of a Sunday-afternoon infomercial. The only difference is that Pilar’s results are real – so real that her competition is starting to take notice. Read More!


Cannon Beach Vacation Rentals: Having Fun on the Oregon Coast

What they say about LiveRez

“With LiveRez, our online bookings are up.”


For Cannon Beach Vacation Rentals and General Manager Brian Olson, it’s all about having fun.

The company, owned by Linda Beck-Sweeney, is just coming off its 13th summer and likes to spread that fun around to its owners, its guests, its staff and more.

“The bottom line for us is that we want our owners, our reservationists, house cleaners…everyone to have fun,” Olson said. Read More!


Plumas Pines Vacation Homes and Rentals: A High Sierra “Vacation Play Land”

What they say about LiveRez

“We have 55 properties, and in our office we’ve got two people handling vacation rentals and one person doing accounting.  And the reason we’re able to do it with a small staff is because of this program.”


The beautiful pine trees that line the vicinity of Graeagle, CA aren’t the only things that have deep roots in the area.

Plumas Pines Realty, which has been in the area for about 25 years, is a familiar face in Graeagle, and its vacation rental division – Plumas Pines Vacation Homes and Rentals – is no exception. Read More!


Keefe Resort Rentals: Taking Its Expertise Online

What they say about LiveRez

“Our continued growth with LiveRez has surpassed our expectations. Their support network is extremely optimistic with every request we send their way, truly allowing us to remain a leader in our region.”


Lake Geneva is 26 miles around – the length of a full marathon.

According to statistics from the International Association of Athletics Federations, the fastest time on record for completing a full marathon is 2 hours, 3 minutes and 59 seconds. But, in that same time you’d be lucky to make your way through the wealth of information available on Keefe Resort Rentals’ website about Lake Geneva and how you can plan your perfect getaway there. Read More!


Suntide II Resort Condominiums: Something for Everyone

What they say about LiveRez

“Our continued growth with LiveRez has surpassed our expectations. Their support network is extremely optimistic with every request we send their way, truly allowing us to remain a leader in our region.”


At Suntide II Resort Condominiums, there really is something for everyone.

Whether it’s relaxation, fun activities or even a quiet place to work, Suntide II offers a wide variety of options for guests traveling to South Padre Island, Texas.

Their 45 beautifully furnished, spacious condos all feature one outstanding view. Read More!


On the Water in Maine: Taking Guest Services to a New Level

What they say about LiveRez

“LiveRez helps us stand out in our localized vacation rental industry by offering us a site that far supersedes anything that any of our local competitors offer.”


In the race for the vacation rental management company that offers the most services to its guests, Justin Ford thinks he’s got a winning horse.

Ford – co-owner of On the Water in Maine with his wife, Tiffany – has made it a priority to offer his guests just about anything they need to make their vacation a hit. In addition, when it comes to amenities offered, Ford is happy to put his company against anyone else in the country. Read More!


Resort Harbour Properties: Sunsets, Service, Software…and Success

What they say about LiveRez

“They’ve taken (our) suggestions and they’ve made some changes. That’s impressive. Not a lot of companies will do that.”


Someone once said “location is everything.”

And while Angelo Celmo of Resort Harbour Properties could probably make a very good case for that statement, he knows location is just one of many facets that have made his business successful.

But when you look at Resort Harbour’s success, location is an undeniable accomplice. You see, Resort Harbour Properties seems to be based at the epicenter of fun, near the intersection of natural beauty and luxury accommodations. Read More!


Carolina Beach Realty: Your Gateway to Pleasure Island

What they say about LiveRez

“In the two years that we’ve been dealing with LiveRez, the rate of growth in our business has doubled and our revenues have increased tremendously. I really attribute a lot of that to the presence LiveRez has given us on the Internet.”


Imagine taking a trip back in time – to a place that’s family friendly, with uncrowded beaches and where a business really hangs its hat on true customer service.

It’s not a dream – it’s called Pleasure Island. And with 45 years of experience in the area, Carolina Beach Realty has the inside track to a wonderful vacation there. Read More!


Reef Rentals: Best Places, Best Prices, Guaranteed

What they say about LiveRez

“Not only were we getting more for our money, but we were saving.”


When Nicole Petrocelli of Reef Rentals says they offer the “Best Places, Best Prices, Guaranteed,” she’s not kidding.

The company manages properties at the prestigious Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida – rated the No. 2 private club community in the United States. Read More!


How Did Victoria Smith of Alpenglow Vacation Rentals Get Her Free Time Back with

What they say about LiveRez

“It gave me my life back.”


Time is an important commodity for Victoria Smith of Alpenglow Vacation Rentals in Bend, Oregon.

As a professional vacation property manager, a hair stylist and an outdoor enthusiast in beautiful Central Oregon, Smith doesn’t have a second to waste.

So, as her vacation rental business started to grow, she turned to Read More!


Meet Heather Dawson of Tamarron Vacation Rentals in Durango, Colorado

What they say about LiveRez

“I haven’t come across anything that it (LiveRez) hasn’t been able to do that I’ve asked for. So, I’m really happy with it.”


For Heather Dawson, one of’s newest partners, honesty is always the best policy.

As Director of the Tamarron Rental Program, she’s found that advertising properties as accurately as possible has always led to more satisfied customers. That includes taking pictures that accurately reflect the property and writing descriptions that best match what the condo offers. And, often it includes talking to guests ahead of time. Read More!


Meet Rebecca Alexander of Casas de Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico

What they say about LiveRez

“Being the bookkeeper in the office, my biggest thing is that it attaches to QuickBooks. That’s my favorite part.”


For Rebecca Alexander of Casas de Santa Fe, integration is important.

Just like how the town of Santa Fe blends rich history with modern-day luxury, Casas de Santa Fe offers a mix of old-school customer service and the convenience of a cutting-edge website with online booking. Integrating those things is something the business does exceptionally well. Read More!


Meet Luis Vicente of in Orlando, Florida

What they say about LiveRez

“It was just so easy to get something that was based online, where all you had to do was log in from anywhere and continue to work.”


With 20 years of property management experience under his belt, Luis Vicente of Orlando’s knows a thing or two about offering his guests the most convenient and affordable accommodations available.

Located close enough to Disney World that many of its guests can watch the theme park’s fireworks show from their back yard or out their windows, offers much more than just a place to stay. Read More!


Meet Cyndi Bonetti of Valet Vacation Rentals in McCall, Idaho

What they say about LiveRez

“LiveRez has been so wonderful to work with.”


Cyndi Bonetti of Valet Vacation Rentals in McCall, Idaho is a veteran of the tourism industry.

Bonetti started her work in the travel sector right out of high school and has worked in almost every area imaginable, including car rentals, resort management, and now vacation rental management.

In her many years of experiences, she experienced a lot and picked up a few tricks of the trade, and she knows what it takes to be successful. Read More!


Meet Chris Murphy, sales manager at Seabrook Cottage Rentals in Pacific Beach, Washington

What they say about LiveRez

“Every element of the website is geared toward customer service and that’s what sets us apart.”


Innovative is one word that comes to mind when talking to Chris Murphy, director of sales and marketing at Seabrook Cottage Rentals in Pacific Beach, Washington, a growing vacation destination on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Could it be because the development on the Washington coast is a brand new concept in the western United States?  When Seabrook was constructed, planners kept in mind that many travelers want a beautiful relaxation spot and not necessarily a launching pad for other destinations. Read More!


Meet Paul Becker of Bluewater Vacation Homes in San Diego

What they say about LiveRez

“We quadrupled our reservations in our second year and I think that’s due to the presence our LiveRez website gave us.”


Paul Becker of in San Diego loves his job.

He is overseeing a rapidly-growing company emerging as one of the top entities in his market. On top of that, he’s in a city he loves and he gets to manage some of the nicest properties in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

What’s not to love? Read More! a model of customer service

What they say about LiveRez

LiveRez has definitely helped me increase my reservations.”


Laura Fisher is very into customer service.

No, really.

While many managers in the vacation rental industry say they are dedicated to meeting guest needs, Fischer takes things to the next level.  ”I sleep with my phone,” said Fisher.  ”It’s true.” Read More!


Vantage Resort Realty: A LiveRez Partner Paying Attention to the Small Details

The LiveRez Impact

Vantage bookings have increased 350 percent with help from LiveRez.


The little things mean a lot to Brooke Pfautz, manager of Vantage Resort Realty of Maryland.   He believes attention to detail is important in the travel industry and that’s why he goes out of his way to offer Vantage guests perks they don’t find anywhere else. Read More!

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